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Join NAJL at the NCSL Summit in Los Angeles during the week of July 31, 2018

Call Jeff Wice for details: (202) 494-7991 or send an email message to NAJLEG@gmail.com


​About NAJL

Tell us about your 2018 legislative priorities.

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​ The National Association of Jewish Legislators (NAJL) is a non-profit membership organization and network, open to all legislators and supporters who self-identify as Jewish as well as those who identify themselves as “allies.”

A vibrant Jewish organization for elected officials matters. State legislative and local governmental bodies craft domestic policies in areas ranging from health care and welfare reform to investment funds and education.  Moreover, block grants administered by states have a direct impact on all of our lives. Jewish elected officials will continue to have important roles to play in shaping public policy:  to promote important issues; monitor scores of legislative bills and initiatives; and work in collaboration with Jewish federations, community relations councils, and other Jewish communal groups. 

NAJL's goals include:

(1) seeking to promote Jewish leadership and text study as part of its  work with Jewish legislators – “professional development” for Jewish elected officials. We’ve learned from recent election analysis that elected officials often need to share their religious values with audiences while balancing secular responsibilities with traditions that help shape ideology.

(2) serving as a ‘Home’ for Jewish Activism: NAJL is  developing two training programs: a boot camp for those already running for elected office, and a 6 month program for those who are interested in running for elected office within a time span of 2-5 years.

(3) Building a network of Jewish elected officials at the state and local level.